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What is a Birth Injury? How Victims of Birth Injury in Chicago



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Welcoming a child into the world is one of the most precious experiences a parent can go through. After months of expectation, the proud mother and father can finally hold their child in their arms and prepare for a happy future, with all the joys that come with raising a baby.


However, birth is a dangerous experience for both mother and child, and there are many potential complications that can occur during the labor process. Some of these are unavoidable, but some may occur because of negligence on the part of the hospital system and medical professionals. In this article, we’ll explain birth injuries, describe how they happen, and explore the ways that those who suffer birth injuries can get help from a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, Illinois.

Birth Injury vary in severity and cause

Explained simply, birth injuries are any injuries that occur to a child during the birthing process. These can range from incredibly minor problems, such as bruises or scratches, to major complications, like brain damage.


Some of the most common severe injuries are head injuries, including contusions and concussions; the baby also may experience hypoxia during an extended labor, which can cause brain damage. Other injuries may include broken bones, dislocated shoulders, or paralysis caused by compressed nerves.


Many of these injuries may go away with time and leave no long-term problems, but others can cause permanent disability. For example, cerebral palsy, which is a form of brain damage caused by disrupted oxygen supply, can cause issues with movement, learning, and communication. Other birth injuries may leave a child with nerve damage, which may make it difficult for him or her to move independently.


There are a number of reasons that a child may be injured during birth, some of which are related to the mother’s condition during pregnancy, such as hypertension or gestational diabetes. Other causes include a long labor, a high birth weight, premature birth, and carrying twins.


While these may be unavoidable and not due to negligence, other causes for birth injuries can be traced to negligence on behalf of the medical staff attending to the birth. The failure to diagnose potential medical issues during the pregnancy itself may lead to problems upon birth, and this can also be considered medical neglect.


At the time of birth, failure to properly monitor both mother and child during labor can mean that the doctor doesn’t intervene when there are signs of distress, such as a slow heartbeat or low oxygen saturation, which can lead to brain damage. If the medical staff doesn’t use equipment properly, they may severely harm the child by using excessive force, causing fractures or nerve damage. Finally, improper usage of medications can harm both mother and child during birth, leading to further complications.

If your child suffered birth injuries, it’s essential that you contact a personal injury attorney

This can not only cause deep emotional distress, but mounting medical bills, which is the last thing you need when you’ve just brought a child into the world.


If you suspect a birth injury, reach out to a Chicago birth injury lawyer right away. A competent birth injury lawyer can examine all the medical records related to the injury, including records of the birth and of the child’s current condition, and reach out to competent medical experts to determine whether negligence may have been to blame for your child’s injury. They’ll serve as a liaison between your family and any third parties, which will reduce your stress and allow you to focus entirely on caring for your child during this difficult time. If possible, they’ll negotiate a fair and comprehensive settlement from the hospital system, which will pay for your child’s current needs as well as any that may arise in the future.


Should it be impossible to reach a settlement with the insurance companies and doctors responsible for the injury, your personal injury attorney will guide you through the lawsuit process, gathering all the necessary evidence and finding qualified experts who can describe how negligence led to your child’s injuries. The circumstances around birth injuries are incredibly complex, and a personal injury attorney will be able to present the evidence in a comprehensive, strategic manner, which will show who is responsible for your baby’s condition.

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