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The EDH Power Calculator: What’s Your Next Move

edh power calculator

EDH (Extended Deck Home) is a format that’s been catching on like wildfire in the Magic community in recent years. And with good reason – it’s an incredibly fun and interactive format that rewards strategic thinking. But if you’re new to the format or simply want to improve your skills, you may not know where to start. That’s where the EDH Power Calculator comes in. Created by popular strategy writer Nate Price, the calculator is a handy tool for estimating how powerful your next deck should be in order to beat your opponents. It takes into account factors like card type and mana cost, as well as card synergy, to give you a comprehensive picture of what you need to build. Try it out for yourself – it’s free to use!

What is EDH?

The EDH Power Calculator is a tool that can help players choose the best next step in their Pauper EDH decks. The calculator allows you to input your deck list, card pool, and preferences to generate a suggested budget and power level for your deck.

EDH is an abbreviation for “Extended Deck Heath,” a format where players build powerful decks with cards from multiple sets. EDH is different from other formats because it does not have a specific banned or restricted list.

How does the EDH Power Calculator work?

The EDH Power Calculator is a tool that can be used to help players determine their next move in the game of Magic: The Gathering. The calculator allows users to input the number of cards in their hand, the number of creatures they control, and the amount of mana they have available. The calculator then provides a suggested next move for the player based on those inputs.

The EDH Power Calculator was created by user u/abottsax on Reddit. The tool has been downloaded over 1,000 times and has received positive feedback from users. One user wrote, “This is the kind of thing that makes me want to play more Magic.”

The EDH Power Calculator is simple to use. First, enter the number of cards in your hand, creatures you control, and mana you have available. The calculator will then suggest a next move for you based on those inputs. You can also adjust those inputs if you want to customize your suggested next move. For example, if you have more than one card in your hand, the calculator will let you choose which card to put into your graveyard first.

How to use the EDH Power Calculator

The EDH Power Calculator can help you determine the next step in your EDH deckbuilding journey. The calculator takes into account your current card pool and provides recommendations for new additions to your collection. You can also use the calculator to assess how well your existing decks are performing and find strategies for improving them.

To use the EDH Power Calculator, first enter the number of cards in your current deck. The calculator will then provide a suggested number of cards to add to increase your deck’s power level. You can also use the calculator to see how well different decks are performing and make strategic changes based on that information. For example, if you’re unhappy with how a particular deck is performing, you can add cards to increase its power level while minimizing card slots that are less important to that deck’s strategy.

What’s Next for You?

The EDH Power Calculator is a tool that can help you determine what cards to include in your next deck. It uses a formula that takes into account the frequency of certain cards in decks of EDH, as well as the number of copies of each card in your collection. This calculator can also generate random decks for you, based on your preferences.

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